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Whip it good

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The mild Winter in the South really gave the weeds a strong foothold, rather than getting cold enough to really kill the little buggers. In the last couple of days the weeds have just shot up, and rather than pulling the lawn mower out for these problem plants, I grabbed a grass whip (photo below) […]

Leather Stitchers – improved!

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In a recent article, I talked about the tools I purchased in order to hand-stitch some of the leather items I make. I also mentioned my family had done some forms of leather working, when I was a kid. The only stitching that we did at that time, or my family did, used leather lacing […]

Improve a nice old Hatchet

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I have a few different hatchets from over the years, but the one I’m most partial to (now) is one that belonged to my grandfather, and was made by Plumb for the Boy Scouts of America. I don’t know the exact date this was made, but it looks to be in the 1930-1940 range. The handle is hickory […]

My Honing Guides

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I thought I’d supplement my last blog with just a bit more info, relating to the honing guides I currently own. I’ve had a range over the years, and those in the photo below, are a fair representation of those.     In the photo, the guide listed as 1. This guide is by Veritas, […]

Shoulder Planes – some upkeep

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I’ve written previous articles that related to Shoulder Planes (and there is a fresh one in the pipe-line at Highland Woodworking’s blog), but I thought I’d share a few things I do to help keep my Shoulder Planes in good order. I noticed today there was a couple of small beginnings of rust on the […]