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Card Scraper preparation – you too can do it

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Benchcrafted Skraper – Agressive, yet tame

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I wrote an earlier article on my Benchcrafted Skraper, but I’ve since determined my initial usage was a bit myopic. Maybe it had something to do with the visual and overall heft of the Skraper, but I was only using it in what I might call the “agressive position”. I was primarily holding the Skraper so the long steel shank was just above parallel with the surface I was working, and pushing the carbide end of the Skraper forward. It certainly worked well, but I’d sometimes grab my card scraper if I needed a lighter touch. As of today; no more! 😉

Early this morning I was adjusting an area on my Les Paul, which I’m continually documenting the build on my blog. There is an area on the face of the guitar, where a three-position switch, used for choosing the pickup(s) you will hear, fits through the body. Since the top of my Les Paul is carved (e.g. not flat), with the backside of the hole flat, and the top shaped, there were some mating issues for the attachment nut. I decided I’d make the top area close to the hole almost flat, and fair that into the shaped areas. I grabbed my Skraper and started out using it in the “agressive” manner described above, so I could rapidly, but with control, get close to my target shape. As I got close, I wanted a less agressive removal of wood. I just kind of automatically flipped the Skraper over, so the side of the handle with the writing was facing me, and while holding the Skraper down close to the carbide section, tilted the body towards me at around 15 degrees. With light strokes towards myself, I found it was providing exactly the control and very gradual wood removal I was after.

I felt somewhat silly having this Skraper for this long, only to just now find additional control was at my fingertips (literally), but I am sure this will further open up my uses for this tool. If I had the same flexibility in my Les Paul, I’d be able to have it sound like a Stratocaster or perhaps a Telecaster. Haha, yeah right! I did want to make sure I shared this bit of info, as it really does show the Skraper has a great deal more flexibility, as is deserved.

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Guitar build – pickup routing, top smooth, and fretboard installed

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Well, it’s been a little while since my last post. I’ve been working on the guitar almost every day, and have even posted some build related videos recently on Youtube (just search under Lee Laird). I’ll see if I can bring everyone up to speed with this post. I continue to do my best at keeping […]