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Workbench top progress

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I was planning to plane the larger 6’+ sections of the Soft Maple, that I bought for my workbench upgrade, on my saw horses. This morning I had some time scheduled to start on these bigger slabs, and when I looked at my saw horses, I just wasn’t sure I would get the results I […]

Chisel’s are hanging

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A few days ago, I wrote about starting two racks to house some more of my chisels. I’ve been a bit stretched this last week, and unfortunately I didn’t take nearly as many photos of the process as I would have liked. Those of you who also follow my Twitter account, @LeeLairdWW, saw my brief tweet […]

Organizing some chisels

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As I’ve mentioned at earlier times, I love chisels, which translates into quantity. I’ve been working to plane some more slabs of the Soft Maple, for my workbench top rebuild, and some of my chisels weren’t close at hand in a functional manner, but still showing their presence, if you know what I mean. I […]

Homestead Heritage – Lie-Nielsen Event December 4-5, 2015

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I drove up to Homestead Heritage (608 Dry Creek Rd., 76705) in Waco, TX today, as it was the first day of the Lie-Nielsen Handtool event. As usual, Lie-Nielsen have two of their workbenches onsite, as well as their tool line, ready to hold, feel and see how they behave on wood, as well as […]

Festool Kapex 120 “Mate” – support on a budget

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Yesterday I wrote about purchasing some wood for a new workbench top, and I just may also have enough to make a new base, too. This morning I started getting ready for the impending delivery. I pulled out three nondescript pieces of some wood, that wouldn’t upset me if they were damaged, to use to […]