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Square peg in round hole – what to do?

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I know the title may not represent the subject of this article exactly, but it’s sure awfully close. During my stay in Germany, I helped move some furniture into an old Bahnhof (train station in german), and we were successful with some, but not all. Many of the old Bahnhofs were built with external stairs, […]

Spring cleaning? You too?

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I’ve been meaning to go through the iffy wood in my shop, to “honestly” assess it’s future use. This can be such a hard process, as “this little piece could probably be used as a shim, or at least a toothpick”. Have you ever had those thoughts, and found a way to justify wood that […]

New additions – an iPhone 6+ and …

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First off I wanted to apologize for more time between posts, than I would like. I’m hoping things are about settled back down, so I get back to a more consistent stream of information for you folks. Now for the new stuff. I’ve had an Apple iPhone 5 since they first came out, and often that’s […]