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Tandy, at last!

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I totally intended to have a quick article together, relating to yesterday’s little teaser, but more than the usual “unexpected” stuff flew at me today. Ok, so with no further delay, lets take a look at what I picked up at Tandy. I have a leather hole-punch, which is one of the type that has […]

Ever made a Pony?

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As I mentioned in the article I posted yesterday (here), I planned to make a Stitching Pony. While I was working on a project, I happened to recall seeing Jason Thigpen’s video over at a while ago, where he used his saw vise to hold leather he was stitching. I figured I should give my saw […]

Every Head needs a Cover!

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Ok, with many places having rain/snow/wind it sounds like my title is relating to the human head, but as you probably have figured out, it isn’t. As you may have read in my last article, I spent some time to make my old Plumb hatchet cut like it was intended. If you haven’t yet read this […]

Improve a nice old Hatchet

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I have a few different hatchets from over the years, but the one I’m most partial to (now) is one that belonged to my grandfather, and was made by Plumb for the Boy Scouts of America. I don’t know the exact date this was made, but it looks to be in the 1930-1940 range. The handle is hickory […]