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Bass Guitar – How Does it Sound

Posted by is9582 on February 6, 2015 with No Commentsas , , , , ,

I know I talked about picking a cool pickup and all, but that probably doesn’t translate extremely well to everyone’s ears, right? Ok, I am just reminding everyone that I am not a bass player, per se. I’ve played guitar for most of my life, and only played bass for a few months back in […]

Bass Guitar – Pickup choice

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I’ve been looking for what might be the perfect pickup, for the bass guitar I built recently (check out the multi-part article at Highland Woodworking) , and I think I’ve found what I was looking for. I searched all of the usual music seller’s websites, and came across a pickup by Lace. This pickup is […]

Anyone for an electric Bass build??

Posted by is9582 on September 25, 2014 with No Comments

  After my Les Paul turned out well, I’d thought I’d build me an electric Bass (photo of build in progress above). I had a really cheaply made electric Bass back when I was in high school, and thought it would be nice to have a decent Bass around again. I occasionally record some guitar, […]

Guitar build – What color to choose???

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Well, I’ve done most of the sanding for the Les Paul build which I’ve been building. I’m having the hardest time deciding what color scheme I’d like to have for the foreseeable future. I’ve always been fond of the old ’59 Gibson Les Paul guitars (who isn’t, right?) and some of those guitars have transitioned […]

Guitar Build – Audio now embedded via Youtube (updated)

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Well, it took some learning and searching on my part, but I think I finally have it working properly. This is my first attempt to utilize YouTube in this manner, and don’t think there is any problem with the “video”. There is no actual video, but instead a picture of my Les Paul as it […]