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Workbench top progress

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I was planning to plane the larger 6’+ sections of the Soft Maple, that I bought for my workbench upgrade, on my saw horses. This morning I had some time scheduled to start on these bigger slabs, and when I looked at my saw horses, I just wasn’t sure I would get the results I […]

Wood shavings – compared

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In my last post, I mentioned using a hand plane across the grain, so I could remove more wood, faster and more easily. In fact, if I had my plane set to the same depth of cut as I do when working across the grain, I’d likely just stick the iron into the wood and […]

Are those curly legs?

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While I was breaking down the large boards of Soft Maple that I purchased, I cut two pieces that are each 31″ long, which I plan to use as the legs for a new base. At this point, I’m looking at these pieces as netting two legs each, but if it looks out of proportion, I may […]

Its lacquer time!!

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Well, I know many won’t believe this, but I finally put some nitrocellulose lacquer in my brand new Earlex HV5500 and sprayed the top of my Les Paul. I went with nitrocellulose lacquer to replicate what Gibson used on their guitars in the late 1950’s, as the 1959 Les Paul is my all time favorite […]

Guitar build – What color to choose???

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Well, I’ve done most of the sanding for the Les Paul build which I’ve been building. I’m having the hardest time deciding what color scheme I’d like to have for the foreseeable future. I’ve always been fond of the old ’59 Gibson Les Paul guitars (who isn’t, right?) and some of those guitars have transitioned […]