Life can get in the way of article writing

Posted by is9582 on July 7, 2016

This post is solely to share why I’ve been absent. Unfortunately, even when one is retired, life’s responsibilities are still chewing on you and that’s exactly what played at least a part. My son moved to West Virginia, and with him moving out of a condo we own, it was finally time to go through all of the items that were stored in the second bedroom. And did I mention this condo is on the 3rd floor, AND there is no elevator?? With the nice Texas heat, and my continued rehab from my last back surgery, and it took quite a bit longer prepping the condo to the point where we could lease it. First time in a long time that we are again empty nesters, so neither of my “assistants” were around to run the loads up and down the stairs or simply to give me a hand. The condo is now prepped and the next lease is just about to begin, so hopefully this will get me closer to being regular in my writing again!! For those that haven’t noticed my previous posts where I shared my InstaGram account @LeeLairdWoodworking as well as my Twitter account @LeeLairdWW, you can always check these to see if I’ve posted anything, as I can sometimes post a quickie on one of these even if I don’t have time to write a full article.

I have an almost complete post regarding making a useful tool, so please check back later this afternoon or evening. I’ll do my best to have the article up shortly.

Thank you for stopping by.

Lee Laird



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