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If it isn’t one thing, it is another!

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I wanted to post a short note regarding the lack of info lately. For whatever reason, the carpel-tunnel that had been mostly dormant since around 2003, has again reared it’s ugly head. Since it is in my dominant hand, it’s hard to stop using it completely, which is probably what would give the quickest and best results. I’ve been consciously using my left hand for any grabbing action (like a hand plane tote, a saw handle, a mallet…), that i happen to need, but life continues to move and I use the right when it is necessary.

Anyways, that’s enough wining on my part. I mainly wanted everyone to know there is a reason for the lack of recent posts. Luckily, my wrist is feeling better than it did towards the end of last week, so it does seem to be on the mend.

I will hopefully have something new up on my blog in the next week or sooner! Thanks again for everyone that continues to follow my blog!




Lee Laird

Spring cleaning? You too?

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I’ve been meaning to go through the iffy wood in my shop, to “honestly” assess it’s future use. This can be such a hard process, as “this little piece could probably be used as a shim, or at least a toothpick”. Have you ever had those thoughts, and found a way to justify wood that in all likelihood had no chance at all, of ever making it into a project? Well, I’m certainly guilty as charged. I’d love to say this is the only time, or even the last time, that this will happen, but I’d probably be lying.


With this in mind, I actually put a decent sized stack of not-likely-to-be-used wood at the street, as well as an old run down air compressor (the $50 or less versions), and a couple of other similar items. I have at least a couple of old kid’s bikes, that will never get used by my adult kids, which I may donate to a local charity. I expect I’ll find a range of other items like old weight lifting benches, weights, boxes of books (ok, the books get a free ride, as they are the wife’s), and other stuff in the crevices of the shop.


Stack of wood ready for the first person who wants it.

Stack of wood ready for the first person who wants it.


It was nice to see some space beginning to appear, as I purged the first set of items, and gave it a good sweep. While I’ve been spending so much time restoring order in another’s home, as well as helping move the furniture and stuff for a future Germany trip, it might seem this “Spring Cleaning” would be the last thing I’d want to do. Strangely enough, it actually inspired me to get into a higher gear, and to get after it. I’ve found that it’s best to immediately act on this type of feeling, or I can lose my extra push, if you will.


I’m hoping to get enough stagnant stuff out of the shop, so I can better arrange the bench and tools, to make my work more efficient and pleasurable. Ok, guess I’d better go get moving, while I’m ready for it. Can’t let that feeling slip away….  Anyone else have that Spring Cleaning feeling??


Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for stopping by.


Lee Laird