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Guitar Build – Audio now embedded via Youtube (updated)

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Well, it took some learning and searching on my part, but I think I finally have it working properly.

This is my first attempt to utilize YouTube in this manner, and don’t think there is any problem with the “video”. There is no actual video, but instead a picture of my Les Paul as it is currently. It’s basically just a place holder, while the audio can play from the background. I hope you enjoy listening to the Les Paul. Thank you again for checking out my site and taking a listen to the guitar I’m building.

As a side note, I was only able to load one minute of the recording, using the program I presently own. It’s not a big deal, but it starts to fade out just as I was starting my best lick. Haha.


Ok, I believe I have the one minute limitation licked, but I’m still going to post it, to verify this is correct. One thing I completely forgot to mention above, is how I captured the music. I was in a hurry, so I just set my iPhone5 in front of one of the powered speakers in my AxeFXII setup, and recorded it as a memo. Definitely not the best sonic choice, but I didn’t have the time to hook my guitar rig up to my computer, at that moment. So, here is the updated version, and it should play all the way through the 1:47 recording.

Guitar build – testing the sound (updated)

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Well, the Les Paul still has some work necessary to finalize it, but I wanted to test it out a bit last night. I plugged it into my AxeFX II which is, just as info, running version 9.02 of it’s software, and out into two smallish powered speakers. I was just noodling a bit and thats fairly obvious. Anywho, just thought those who have been reading about my build might like to actually hear something from it.

So, where do you find this audio I’m talking about?? Look over to the right of this article. I can’t seem to find any method to place the audio directly into this article, like I would a picture. Sorry about that. The sizing of the box for the music is also elusive to me. Probably just looking over something simple. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find a way by spending more time with this program.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading (and maybe listening to the Les Paul) my blog. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


UPDATE – I’ve received feedback from a couple of my readers that they were unable to access the audio in the current format. I want to appologize to everyone who may have also had the same issue. I’d tested it with two browsers, and assumed that would likely be the same across the board. I’ll try posting the audio via a different method, sometime today. I’ll also leave the current audio access point as is, for those who aren’t having this issue.

iPhone macro shots – on the cheap

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I own an iPhone, but this tip could work just as well with any of the other smart phones that have built in cameras.

I try to capture photos on all of my projects, so I can either show the progress to the intended recipient, or for posting on my blog. Unfortunately, if I needed to capture a very small detailed portion,  I’d have  to go in and grab my Nikon. It’s not that it would take a long time to get the camera, but I try to avoid anything that breaks the work flow.

Last night I picked up a board I’d used to cut some practice dovetails, and next to the practice board was my 10X Magnifying Loupe.  Idea!! Why not use the loupe along with my phone’s built-in camera, to essentially obtain super-closeup photos on my phone? Especially since its always with me. As info, my loupe isn’t anything real expensive, but I did try to make sure the optics were decent. This loupe has proved to be perfect for when I’m examining the edge of a tool, either during sharpening or when assessing an issue.

My loupe has a textured rubber surface around the lens, which feels good in the hand.

A friend of mine, Gary Rogowski, founder and head of The Northwest Woodworking Studio, turned me on to using a loupe during a brief visit we had, during a bit of a lul at the San Diego Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event. I’d always let the wood’s interaction provide me details, but this made so much sense that I bought a loupe for my travel bag and one to keep in my shop.

I snapped some photos of a tight portion of the practice dovetails, to proof out my idea. My first couple of photos were a bit problematic. I found out you need to pay close attention to the light source available, as it’s hard to prevent creating shadows when you get in that tight on a target piece. Another thing you’ll need to play around with is the exact placement of the loupe, in reference to the camera lens on the phone. I know there are products for sale that will provide this type of magnification, but I thought I might as well try out what I already owned, before potentially wasting money.

The field of view is fairly small with this loupe, as you can tell by
the dark circular area,  but it still captured the intended area.

Give it a try in your shop and see if the results are something you can use. Everyone already has a loupe close at hand, right? Right?? Since I’m sure you do, you won’t waste anything but a little of your time, and you just might surprise yourself. After playing around with the loupe for about five minutes, I’ll likely keep the $70 Apple wanted for a use-specific lens, especially since I can always grab the Nikon for a super-critical shot.

Thanks for reading my blog and let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Benchcrafted Skraper – Agressive, yet tame

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I wrote an earlier article on my Benchcrafted Skraper, but I’ve since determined my initial usage was a bit myopic. Maybe it had something to do with the visual and overall heft of the Skraper, but I was only using it in what I might call the “agressive position”. I was primarily holding the Skraper so the […]

Guitar build – pickups, pickup rings and jack

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I’ve been wondering what type of pickups would really bring this Les Paul build to life. Almost all of my previous guitars have had DiMarzio pickups, with which I’ve been pleased. As a matter of fact, the only pickups I’ve purchased other than DiMarzio, have been a Seymour Duncan mini replacement for my 1976 Les […]